Monday, March 21, 2011

Great CEO’s ghost

(This message was ghost-written for a major healthcare organization CEO, for use in an annual newspaper supplement.   If you like how their story was told, imagine what we can do for you.  We’ve also ghosted articles for other physicians.)
An editorial comment from Lovelace
The emphasis is on wellness.

You’ve probably heard of “preventive medicine.”  It’s an idea that has been around for some time in the medical world.  Louis Pasteur, Jonas Salk, and other scientists have long looked for ways to prevent illness, as well as to treat it.  Today, our goals are still the same.  If anything, we’re now pursuing preventive health care on an even greater scale, since we’ve learned just how effective this approach can be—solving problems before they occur.

At Lovelace, this quest for “wellness” is something we take very seriously.  It is an everyday concern, which goes well beyond the doctor’s office and state-of-the-art facilities.  Emphasizing wellness not only makes good business sense (healthier employees are more productive), it also provides financial rewards, in the form of lower health care and insurance costs.  A healthier New Mexico is in everybody’s best interest.

Bringing wellness to you.

All the medical knowledge in the world won’t accomplish a thing, however, unless it is shared with, and practiced by, the people who really count…you, your family, your friends, and thousands of others in cities and towns across our state.  That is why Lovelace is so active in the community.  Our commitment to wellness means taking the initiative, getting involved, putting our expertise to work for you—at home, at work, at school, or wherever else it’s needed.

The special newspaper section you are reading right now is only one example of our efforts.  We are constantly making information available on a wide variety of health care topics, through brochures, newsletters, and publications like Lovelace’s Health and Fitness Magazine, articles in medical journals, broadcast news reports, and many other media, including a closed-circuit TV system at Lovelace facilities.

Our “Lifestyles” programs bring full-time health education professionals into the community, through regular classes designed to improve and promote healthy lifestyles…from sessions on nutrition and weight management to smoking cessation, stress management, exercise programs, and much more.
Free and low-cost services.  We also offer a number of programs, such as diabetes screenings, blood pressure checks, cancer support groups, effective parenting classes, mammograms, immunizations, and other services, which are often given free of charge or at low cost, at health fairs and other events.
Employee programs.  Beginning with the astronaut testing we pioneered for the space program, Lovelace has been diligently studying and dealing with the issue of health at the workplace.  Our occupational health programs enhance employee health, safety, and productivity, while helping control employer health care costs. These include examinations and evaluations, injury and illness care, physical therapy, immunizations for foreign travel, and work site programs.
Sports event and team sponsorship.  With Lovelace’s longstanding interest in health and physical fitness, it’s only natural that we have also become involved in sports-related activities, such as our continuing sponsorship of the Duke City Marathon, community sports teams, support of school sports activities, and other similar programs.

Taking a leadership role.

At Lovelace, this dedication to wellness doesn’t stop at the boardroom, but extends to our entire organization. Our facilities have been officially designated as a “No Smoking Zone.”  An indoor track has been built into the Lovelace Medical Center on Gibson Blvd., above the main lobby, for use by employees and visitors alike.  Numerous Lovelace physicians, nurses, and staff members have joined the physical fitness movement, participating in a variety of individual and group activities.  The way we see it, it is our duty to lead by example.

As you finish reading the many informative articles in this paper, we encourage you to get more information.  Feel free to contact the doctors who are listed with each story.  And if you’re as committed as we are, please join us in our quest for wellness.

Lovelace President and Chief Executive Officer

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